Training as IT specialist at enercast

Young, dynamic and ready for new challenges – since September of this year, for the first time, enercast has been training an IT specialist in application development. “We want to give young people the opportunity to work in IT and complete vocational training,” explains Managing Director Bernd Kratz.


Geschäftsführer Bernd Kratz, Auszubildender Alexej Walz und Ausbilder Manfred Menze (V.l.n.r.)

Bernd Kratz initiated the training program at enercast and has organized the entire training process. On-going support is provided by Manfred Menze, project manager and trainer at enercast. “The plan is for our trainee to do one week per month at school and for the rest of the time he will be with us every day. This will allow him to work in different areas and he will get to know our company very well,” explains Menze, who considers it important that the new trainee quickly becomes part of the team.


The training includes data management, programming and system integration


The three years of training, which can also be shortened to two years, focuses among other things on software development and project management. The content also includes customer-specific modifications, technical marketing, data management and software maintenance. At enercast this means programming for forecasting systems as well as the development of programs to optimize the integration of new customer data.


Trainees will also learn about the optimization of databases in the customer area. In this way, they will get to know enercast’s products, processes and procedures and play an active part in them all. They will also be familiarized with project planning.


Retraining is also possible at enercast


“We are pleased to be able to offer retraining at enercast. It is a great opportunity for many people and means that students who drop out of university can also achieve a qualification and are fit for the job,” says Kratz.


The IT specialist for application development would ideally be employed in the areas of after-sales and customer service. IT specialists are exactly the right target group for enercast,” emphasizes Kratz, who is not only looking forward to the development of the training program, but also to having a newly qualified and talented employee.