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Power forecasts for renewable energy

More than 14,000 sites worldwide are controlled with our wind and PV forecasts. Every day, we process 700,000 data signals – forecast data from international meteorological services and measurement data from wind and PV systems – from which artificial intelligence produces robust and plant-specific forecasts.


This enables us to support our customers in generating a total installed energy output of around 80,000 megawatts. Companies in 18 countries increase their trading revenues through our performance forecasts and thus achieve higher profitability.


Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Since 2011, we have been operating our forecast services via distributed and redundant data centers in Germany. The currently 600 TB of Managed Data are processed via a robust, industry-ready Big Data infrastructure – growth per day: 150 GB.


Hundreds of ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) can be trained on our Artificial Intelligence platform. For each plant we transform data points into high-quality and relevant information via this infrastructure (24/7 calculation, transmission and monitoring).

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Insightful Products

Whether as intraday, day-ahead or long-term – our performance forecasts can be used interactively at any time, as freely configurable software-as-a-services.

This makes data management, analytics and forecasts transparent for the first time – correlations open up and the entire site management can be optimized.

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Professional Services

Specific demands different industries require individual solutions. That’s why our Professional Services are not only the connectors between product and customer, but also enable tailor-made solutions for your individual processes and tasks.


From full-service process analysis to proof-of-concept to fully functional 24/7 industrial applications.

Case Study K+S AG

Dedicated Support

Through application and setup support, continuous updates and an emergency hotline (24/7) to our analytics experts, we ensure the secure and constant availability of our service platform.

Efficient asset management

Using our platform, forecasts can now be integrated quickly and interactively into your own processes – not only weather-specific deviations and effects become more transparent and an optimal management of your own assets becomes possible.


For example, energy suppliers and grid operators can increase the investment security of their sites and systems by improving continuous feed-in into the energy grid.


Case Study: ovag Netz AG

Case Study: EnergieNetz Mitte GmbH

Enabling energy trading

Our open platform format enables the integration and condensation of a wide variety of information.
For example, if historical weather data, energy consumption and production data are combined with other qualitative information, artificial neural networks (ANNs) can find correlations and patterns that allow a stable price forecast for the intraday, spot and control energy markets.
For instance, this allows direct marketers and energy traders to make better trading decisions.

Case Study: Engie SA

Case Study: BayWa r. e. Clean Energy Sourcing GmbH

Powering the digitization of infrastructure

Digitization means the changes of processes, objects and events for the use of digital devices and requires standardized data and structures.

This is exactly where our API for interactive format / file mapping comes in. A uniform and consistent data quality is achieved by using an AI-based data cleansing tool.

This enables energy and industrial companies to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs by combining and processing a wide variety of data sources to create new insights.

Case Study: Städtische Werke AG

Case Study: Fraunhofer IEE

Optimization of
Smart Grids

Using our open forecasting platform, historical weather data and data of the current total energy consumption of a city or district as well as the local, but volatile feed-in volumes of renewable energies can be integrated, standardized and correlated.

Structurally fluctuating energy consumption loads can thus be better predicted, which, for example, can save costs for municipal utilities and local distributors and increase grid stability.



Case Study: Fraunhofer IEE

Customers in 18 Countries worldwide


2018-02-27 News

Case Study: Wind power forecasts for electricity markets

Precise forecasts for wind power plants support ENGIE to act flexible and fore-sighted on the electricity markets.
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enercast is a technology company for applied artificial intelligence and supports customers in 18 countries with performance forecasts for renewable energies.

These forecasts help companies in the energy industry to optimize their grid efficiency, increase trading returns on power exchanges and achieve higher profitability.

With the award-winning services for wind and photovoltaics, an installed total output of 80 gigawatts is generated. For 14,000 sites, daily performance forecasts are generated by the use of artificial intelligence (self-learning neural networks) and made available as software as a service (SaaS).

enercast currently employs a team of 35 dedicated experts (engineers, computer scientists, data analysts, mathematicians, physicists, meteorologists).

enercast has been collaborating with Fraunhofer IEE (formerly IWES) and the University of Kassel in research and development since 2011.

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We are a leading and fast-growing technology company for applied artificial intelligence based in Kassel. With self-learning software for the precise performance prognosis of wind and solar plants, enercast has been enabling the integration of renewable energy into electricity networks and energy markets worldwide since 2011.


enercast’s products are provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) and are successfully used by numerous national and international customers in the energy industry. With our platform for industrial applications of artificial intelligence, enercast is also increasingly being used in neighbouring industries where process optimization and meaningful forecasts are critical for value creation.

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