enercast strengthens its management team and opens up new markets

  • Henning Schulze-Lauen becomes COO
  • Radmacher: “Fast scalable business ahead of big push for growth”
  • Focus on renewable energy and further industrial applications of artificial intelligence

Henning Schulze-Lauen

Dr. Henning Schulze-Lauen becomes the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of enercast GmbH, a fast-growing technology company specializing in applied artificial intelligence, and one of the leading service providers to the renewable energy sector.  enercast monitors more than 14,000 wind and solar power plants in 17 countries with a total capacity of 68 GW (8 % of the world’s installed capacity) and forecasts their expected output – a critical prerequisite for their economic success.  enercast has also transferred its experience in renewables to mining and to other industrial applications of artificial intelligence.  Chairman Dr. Andreas Radmacher: “Henning Schulze-Lauen has demonstrated that he can quickly advance scalable digital business models and align them with customer needs. His expertise will help us to open up new markets and set the company on track for its next major growth phase. “

enercast plans to grow internationally with its forecasting platform

Schulze-Lauen has many years of experience in the high-tech industry. At Trufa Inc. he was Vice President of Product Operations. Based in Palo Alto, California and Heidelberg, Germany, Trufa provides software-as-a-service which uses big data analyses of enterprise data to quantify potential productivity improvements.  Previously, Schulze Lauen was Vice President of Lawson Software, St. Paul, Minnesota and Managing Director of Parsytec Computer GmbH in Aachen, Germany and Seoul, Korea. An engineer with a Ph. D. in production automation, he joined the management team of founders Thomas Landgraf and Bernd Kratz on August 1.

The team is supported by Dr. Andreas Radmacher, who, as active Chairman and co-investor, has helped develop enercast’s growth strategy alongside the management team over the past 12 months.

Schulze-Lauen: “enercast is on an incredibly exciting trajectory, and I look forward to working with the team to make our highly successful power forecasting products ready for the next growth step. At the same time, we will build a highly performant, scalable forecasting platform that will enable us to leverage enercast’s know-how in artificial intelligence and big data in new sectors. “

Value added to customers increases by up to 25 %

With its software-as-a-service products, enercast increases the production value of its customers in the energy and industrial sectors by up to 25 %. The company combines predictive analytics with artificial intelligence based on big data to deliver improved forecasts.  It currently links more than 1,000 TB of external data with process data and adds about 150 GB of new data per day.  Every 15 minutes, its products generate around 100,000 control signals, which increase the value added to customers.  The self-learning algorithms continually analyze historical and current weather and performance data from various sources, achieving an accuracy of 97.5 % in its day-ahead forecasts for customers in the renewable energy market.  Precise forecasts of the amount of power generated from wind and solar are a key prerequisite for the load control of the power grids and smart grids of the future.