enercast extends wind and solar power forecasts to 40 days ahead

The forecasting of wind and solar power performance is of great significance for the energy industry. With the development of renewable energies, wind power and solar power have become the central pillars of the supply of energy, meaning that the need for precise performance forecasts increases continuously.


With immediate effect, enercast, one of the leading providers of performance forecasting for renewable energy, offers its customers forecasts for up to 40 days ahead. Using a weather model by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), enercast determines the available energy from photovoltaic and wind power plants in the coming two, three and four weeks – worldwide.


These long-term performance forecasts are particularly significant for electricity suppliers and power utilities. With help from “Felix Futures” – longer-term supply contracts for agreed amounts of energy with varying lead times – suppliers can buy power at an agreed price, and in doing so can safeguard themselves against risk in the long-term.


Up until now, enercast offered real-time, intra-day and day-ahead forecasts as well as weekly forecasts for up to 240 hours ahead. This further development of the online service makes it easier for customers to determine and plan future feed-in volumes even weeks in advance.