enercast provides PV forecasts for the Czech energy markets

enercast, one of the leading providers of power forecasts for renewable energies, is forecasting solar park performance in the Czech Republic for yet another customer. Plant operators in the Czech Republic require information about the future performance of their photovoltaic plants, and enercast supplies these customers with day-ahead, short-term and real-time forecasts for numerous solar parks.

enercast is proud to provide forecasts for the Czech energy market – a market with further growth potential in the solar energy sector over the next years.

The Czech Republic is becoming an important player in the energy sector. Thanks to state funding, the country already meets EU targets for the proportion of renewable energy sources. According to the Czech energy regulator ERU, more than 13% of domestic energy consumption in 2013 was sourced from hydroelectric power, photovoltaics, wind turbines, biogas and biomass plants. The Czech Republic was not required to reach this goal until 2020.

In 2013, the total output of installed ecological power plants was 2,700MW (megawatts). Photovoltaics accounted for over 2,000MW of this capacity (biomass 370MW, wind power 260MW), with an additional 1,000+MW from hydroelectric power stations and 1,150MW from pumped storage stations. This means that green energy sources already have greater potential capacity in optimal weather conditions than the two Czech nuclear power plants put together.

Renewable energy with potential, even without subsidies

According to the energy concept, the proportion of renewable energy sources in gross electricity production is expected to rise to 23% by 2040 (2012: 9%), despite a reduction in state funding. The Ministry of Economic Affairs anticipates solar capacity to have risen to 3,200 W through new constructions by then, as well as an 1,000MW from new wind turbines and over 500MW from additional biomass power plants.