enercast and TokWise offer integrated solution for renewable energy portfolio management

Kassel, Germany/ Sofia, Bulgaria 27 April 2022 – enercast, the leading technology provider for weather-based artificial intelligence and digitalization of renewable energy, forms a strategic partnership with TokWise, a leader in renewable energy portfolio optimization. The partnership creates an integrated AI-powered solution from renewable energy forecasting to portfolio and trading optimization. Partner webinar on 5 May 2022.

Accurate renewable energy power forecasts for renewable energy portfolio management

Energy portfolio manager can now benefit from the integration of enercast’s accurate power forecasts for wind and solar assets into the digital portfolio management solution from TokWise. The integrated solution provides instant access to accurate power forecasts for renewable energy assets and thus valuable data to design and execute portfolio optimization strategies across assets and markets. Taking advantage of their combined expertise in artificial intelligence, the two companies enable their customers to make their energy assets more valuable and maximize their return on investment.

Julien Marcenac, Co-founder at TokWise: “We selected enercast as our partner because of their expertise and over 10 years of experience forecasting wind and solar energy. Thus, we offer to our customers a centralized platform to manage their renewable energy portfolio and further optimize their commercial strategies to maximize their margin per megawatt-hour.”

Portfolio management optimization with TokWise and enercast

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Partnership offers greater potential for trading optimization in a transforming market

The recent volatile market conditions stressed out the importance of high responsiveness and dynamic adaptability of commercial strategies for all market participants. Enercast’s and TokWise’s combined solution provides consistent portfolio overview and enables real-time trading optimization to convert the market volatility into opportunities.

Tim Ulbricht, Chief Sales Officer of enercast GmbH: “TokWise is a strong addition to our growing partner network. As high-precision yield forecasts are an essential component for all business models in the renewable energy sector, we are pleased to be able to supply this important building block for TokWise’s solutions in the future.”

About TokWise

TokWise’s mission is to accelerate the digital transition and leverage next-generation technologies to maximize the value of green energy. The company provides AI-powered portfolio management solutions for renewable producers & aggregators. TokWise creates a competitive advantage for its customers through optimizing the commercialization process of the produced renewable energy, measured in increased EUR per MWh. The solution is offered as SaaS to grant operational flexibility and agile implementation.

Get to know more!

On 5 May 2022, TokWise will join enercast’s Energy Community Talk titled “Unlock potential of selling renewable energy on short-term markets “, presenting our joint solution. Register now for free.

If you want to know more about accurate power forecasts and green energy portfolio management? Please do not hesitate to contact enercast or TokWise for a personal consultation!

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