enercast 2022.02: Interactive backcasting enables faster portfolio decisions

enercast announces Release enercast 2022.02 of its forecasting solutions for wind and solar energy and its integration platform for weather-based artificial intelligence.

Improved Yield Assesment for power generation sites

enercast 2022.02 includes the new enercast YAS Yield assessment for power generation sites which now comes with an interactive backcasting feature inside the enercast Portal. Creating trained backcasts directly from the workbench, historical forecast computation can be accurately replicated in an instant.

Backcasting for enhanced risk management

When evaluating the addition of a potential asset to the trading portfolio, backcasting helps to incorporate forecastability in the risk assessment. By adding market data such as spot market prices to the analysis, the expected revenue from the asset can be estimated. This results in faster and more profitable portfolio decisions.

Advanced power forecast quality evaluation

A new in-depth forecast model view gives the user even more insights and control over forecast calculation for every asset. Users can optimize forecast quality by comparing backcasts from different physical or AI-based models to the operational forecast for the same asset. The quality widget provides instant feedback on the impact of data updates.

enercast portal Screenshot In our enercast portal different forecast models (left side) can easily be compared in the main chart using our brand-new instant backcasting tool. The quality widget at the bottom evaluates any changes in just a few seconds.

In addition, enercast 2022.02 includes numerous improvements in the enercast Portal as well as new APIs for more efficient machine-to-machine connectivity. It is now available to all enercast users. Some features are optional and are activated and charged separately.

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