enercast and iS Software form strategic partnership and deliver complete solution for Redispatch 2.0

Enercast, the leading technology provider for weather-based artificial intelligence and digitalization of renewable energy, forms a strategic partnership with iS Software, a software provider with a holistic solution portfolio for the energy and water industry. Partnership delivers a comprehensive solution for Redispatch 2.0 and thus for the grid integration of renewable energy in Germany.

Redispatch 2.0 – new requirements for grid congestion management in Germany

Since October 1, 2021, the changeover to Redispatch 2.0 has come into full swing. Redispatch allows a grid operator who expects a congestion in his grid to adjust the generation output of the connected plants. Redispatch 2.0 is part of the 2019 amendment to the “Transmission System Expansion Acceleration Act” (NABEG) passed by the German Bundestag and brings far-reaching changes for the grid integration of renewable energy. Previously, only conventional power plants with an installed capacity of 10 MW or more were subject to redispatch, now generators of all energy sources with a nominal capacity of 100 kW or more (in some cases even smaller plants) are affected. In contrast to the previous feed-in management, predictive congestion management is now required. Grid congestions are to be recognized ahead of time and resolved by planned redispatch.

Accurate power generation forecasts for renewable energy sources

Since the main renewable energy sources are by nature volatile, software is needed to turn wind and solar energy into a stable and reliable power supply. For enercast, providing accurate power forecasts for a portfolio of hundreds of wind turbines as well as for small rooftop installations in the shortest possible time via the enercast platform is already standard business. Also, thanks to increasing automation and an easy-to-use web portal, enercast can competitively deliver excellent forecast quality around the world.

Tim Ulbricht, Chief Sales Officer of enercast GmbH: “With iS Software, we have found the ideal partner to offer our customers a complete solution for Redispatch 2.0 and thus to further push the digitalization of renewable energies, without which the energy transition cannot succeed.”

Holistic solution portfolio for energy and water management

For over 25 years, iS Software has been developing solutions for small to medium-sized companies in the energy and water industry. Through stable and modern approaches, iS Software delivers a holistic solution portfolio that seamlessly maps from the networked processes of meter reading to billing, the administration of market partner communication, the settlement of energy quantities, customer service, accounting and balancing. Meaningful and decision-relevant information is thus delivered to the company management.

Mike Horne, Head of Marketing and Sales at iS Software: “Already more than 20 customers of iS Software GmbH have signed up for enercast’s integration platform IPL and Power generation site forecast PFS in the last weeks to meet the requirements of Redispatch 2.0 together with the WinEV® solution.”

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