enercast Family Days 2024

In February, all members of the enercast team from around the world gathered at our headquarter in Kassel for the annual enercast Family Days. Particularly in the age of remote work, this is a cherished opportunity to meet old and new colleagues, catch up on the latest developments, and engage in the kind of creative collaboration that is hard to mimic in video calls.

The gathering was kick-off with a review of the enercast 2024.02 release, highlighting the team’s achievements over the last few months. Next up was the business update and management presentation with the 2023 retrospective, celebrating above-target growth and sharing success stories from the individual teams. Then the focus turned to the plans for 2024, with workshops to break down company targets and set the agenda for the rest of the year.



As every year, there was also an exciting team event where everyone was able to practice their problem-solving skills and intercultural team collaboration in a fun environment. In appreciation for all the hard work, the customary dinner party with spouses, partners and (some) kids provided time for further discussions in a relaxed setting.

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