Release enercast 2024.02

2023 was a remarkable year. As the hottest year on record, it certainly underlined the urgency of completing the energy transition, while much of the world seems inexplicably preoccupied with other priorities. At the same time, renewables are growing faster than ever. So we want to remain hopeful.

At enercast, we also look back at 2023 as the most successful year ever for our weather-based AI business. We would like to thank our customers not only for propelling our record growth, but also because they are the ones whose investments in renewables make real change happen.

Picture copyright: storyset on Freepik

In power generation forecasting, we see an emerging stratification with two distinct types of application:

  • The classic, industrial-scale energy generation, such as our customer Adani Green Energy erecting the world’s largest solar park with 30 GW of generation capacity in India.
  • Solutions for the increasingly small-scale optimization of the future decentralized energy system, where we onboarded new customers from the EV charging, heat pump or storage business.

Our enercast 2024.02 release, which we publish today, reflects these two trends in powerful ways:

  • For the classic energy generation and trading, new productivity tools in our enercast Portal make it easier to combine multiple forecasts, interactively create optimized schedules or quickly assess the financial impact such as penalties or balancing cost.
  • For the decentralized energy applications, our Smart Energy API provides highly efficient access to ad-hoc forecasts at scale, suitable for integration in smart devices and consumer-facing applications.

We’d be happy to personally hear your perspective and discuss with you the best solution for your energy forecasting needs when you visit us at E-world 2024 in Essen, Germany next week. If you haven’t made your appointment yet, there is still time to do so right here.

In any case, we are honored to continue being part of your push towards the energy transition in 2024!