Introducing enercast WDA Weather data access: enercast Release 2019.02

Weather is  a critical factor for the daily operations of many businesses. As part of the enercast release 2019.02, we are introducing enercast WDA Weather data access.

enercast WDA provides access to weather forecasts from a large number of numerical weather prediction models from the world’s leading meteorological services.

Thanks to enercast MeteoStore X weather data storage, current weather forecasts can be accessed in a uniform way. A big number of meteorological parameters from global, regional and local numerical weather prediction models is available.

In addition, visualization of current and future severe weather risk provide timely infor­mation when a critical situation comes up, and radar maps of current precipi­tation as well as radar forecasts for the next 2 hours enable immediate visual analysis of the weather conditions.

Release 2019.02 also brings many other features to our integration platform, including improved maintenance scheduling, visualization of meter data, and integration of enercast PFA area forecasts.

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