Energy startups establish network in Startup Association

The specialist group Energie has been founded in the German Startups Association (BVDS) on the initiative of enercast, ubitricity and Venios. The aim of the group is to give a voice to startup companies connected to the energy industry.


The German startup scene stands out for its marketable innovations. Many startups link their own potential for growth to an active contribution to the turnaround in energy policy. They are revolutionising the energy industry with their innovative business models and are paving the way to a sustainable future. The specialised group Energie in the German Startups Association was established on the occasion of the Hanover Messe trade fair. The initiators of the specialist group, Bernd Kratz (enercast), Steffen Funck (Venios) and Nina Keim (ubitricity) met up for the preliminary meeting on the 7th of April, 2014.


In the complex, regulated environment of the energy industry, young startups in particular are faced with special challenges. The specialist group Energie aims to provide a platform in the BVDS for networking and the exchange of experience within the association and beyond. “Innovative business models and new technology in the energy industry represent a huge opportunity. At the same time, they exist within a complex environment of technology, economics and regulation that is ripe for further development. As young businesses in this industry, we would like to intensify exchange on these themes and communicate our concerns as a group”, explain the initiators.


“We are delighted by the initiative and engagement undertaken by the three initiators of the specialist group Energie”, says Florian Nöll, Chairman of the German Startups Association. “The work done by specialist groups greatly strengthens our association and binds our member businesses even closer together”. The specialist group Energie will regularly exchange views on various topics relating to the energy industry, in particular the topic of regulation. Other members of the BVDS are invited to contribute actively. Following on from the preliminary meeting in Hanover, the members will vote at the next meeting for a group chairperson and deputy chairperson from amongst their ranks. 


About the BVDS


The German Startups Association was founded in September 2012 in Berlin. The association is the representative and voice of startups in Germany. It explains and represents the interests, views and concerns of startup businesses vis-à-vis regulatory and administrative authorities  as well as the general public.  It encourages innovative entrepreneurship and promotes a startup mindset in society. The association sees itself as a network of startups in Germany.  Almost 300 startups and 30 student startup incentives belong to the BVDS as of April 2014.