Forecastability as a key factor for profitable trading portfolios

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Görkem Teneler
Senior Consultant
enercast GmbH


Traders, aggregators and direct marketers always strive for the perfect forecast – but sometimes a look into the past provides even more important insights. As trading wind and solar energy relies on generation forecasts, the expected forecast accuracy of an asset can have just as much impact on trading profitability as physical properties. That’s why our enercast YAS Backcast can retroactively create AI-based power forecasts at the simple push of a button.

In our webinar, Görkem Teneler, senior consultant at enercast, will show how historical simulations, using enercast’s original weather-based artificial intelligence platform, allow you to quickly quantify the forecastability of an asset and help assess the trading risk.

  • Quickly simulate generation for new sites to understand how they fit or complement the generation pattern of your overall portfolio.
  • Find the optimal forecast configuration by simulating different forecast horizons and update times, side-by-side with your ongoing production forecasts.
  • Quantify the impact of different trading strategies (day-ahead, intraday) or portfolio changes on your balancing cost.

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