enercast SEF Smart Energy Forecast

Accurate forecasts enable optimal usage of the energy produced by small-scale photovoltaic installations. enercast SEF Smart Energy Forecast allows to integrate power generation forecasts into monitoring and energy management systems with minimum effort through an efficient API.
Based on technical data of the plant and weather forecasts from globally leading numerical weather prediction models, enercast SEF computes the expected PV generation for the next hours and days.

Application examples

  • Optimized charging of stationary storage systems and electric vehicles
  • Optimization of the own consumption of solar energy through smart energy management
  • Maximizing the life expectancy of storage systems through anticipatory battery management
  • Cost-efficient PV forecasts for market integration of small-scale PV energy after termination of feed-in tariff regulation
  • Reference of the possible generation for PV monitoring systems

The features

Instant availability.  After passing the few required parameters to the web service, the forecast is available in a matter of milliseconds.

Physical simulation.  The simulated generation is computed using a physical model, applying the same reliable algorithms as the enercast PFS power generation site forecast.

Temporal resolution.  The forecast time series is provided with a temporal resolution of 60 minutes.

No master data management.  enercast SEF completely removes the need to synchronize master data of plants in a tedious and error-prone set-up process. All parameters required for the calculation, such as orientation, tilt and installed capacity, are included in a single web service call.

REST web service.  Forecasts are provided through a REST web service using concise JSON data structures. This enables efficient integration of enercast SEF into your applications.

Technical Details

  • Basic forecast based on a selected numerical weather weather prediction model
  • Forecast horizon: up to 3 days
  • Temporal resolution: 60 minutes
  • Restricted to small photovoltaic installations (up to 100 kWp) without tracking
  • REST web service, data format: JSON
  • Basic authentication according to RFC 2617
  • Software-as-a-Service:  Delivery without local software installation

API Documentation

The API documentation explains how easy it is to integrate enercast SEF into your applications.

Want to give it a try?

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