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enercast: Power Forecasts for Renewable Energies

Modern industrial nations depend substantially on renewable energies. No one knows how much they will produce tomorrow. We help. enercast allows the integration of wind and solar energy into electricity grids and energy markets by precisely predicting their energy output.

enercast GmbH enables the integration of wind and solar energy into power grids and energy markets through wind and solar power forecasts.  Our forecasts help energy companies to optimise their grid efficiency, increase trading revenues on the electricity market and achieve greater economic viability.  Numerous companies from various areas of the energy sector put their trust in us due to our high quality forecasts, customer-oriented services and close contact with the scientific community.







In welchen Bereichen unsere Wind- und Solarleistungsprognosen
zum Einsatz kommen lesen Sie in den folgenden Case Studies.

Our clients

  • “Power predictions like the one offered by enercast represent a basic building block for the future of power supply systems by making the most important but also fickle renewable energy sources, i.e. wind and sun, that much more predictable.”

    Volker Wasgindt – CEO

    cdw Stiftungsverbund gGmbH

  • „With the enercast web service it is possible for us to intensively use enercast’s functionality with our own tools. As a result, our scientists are afforded free rein for their findings“

    Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Mackensen – Head of Energy Computer Science

    Fraunhofer IWES

  • „Through our targeted power plant control, we can feed electricity into the downstream stream network in line with requirements. This gives us additional revenue through avoided grid-use charges and reduces our operating costs.“

    Ulrich Kraeft

    Stadtwerke Rostock AG

  • “enercast has taken on the special complexity of the project in its entirety, resulting in the targeted optimisation of our infrastructure, which was of great benefit to us”,

    Dr.-Ing. David Nestle – Head of Energy Management

    Fraunhofer IWES

  • „By relying on enercast power forecasts, we can employ our power generation park much more systematically. We actively contribute to network stabilization and shape the local energy transition. Additionally we can save six-digit sums in costs.“

    Samuel Kramann – Portfoliomanager

    Städtische Werke Kassel AG

  • „Using enercast forecasts, we are able to make more precise predictions on the necessity for measures on the following day.“

    Christian Weber

    ovag Netz AG

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